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Set up your station location and manage your logbook.


Auto Use the location provided by your device to show your current location.  Great for mobile operation!  Turn Auto OFF if you want to show the location described below in place of your current location.


Latitude If Auto is OFF, CommCat Mobile uses this latitude.


Longitude If Auto is OFF, CommCat Mobile uses this longitude.


City City CommCat Mobile uses, when Auto setting is OFF


County Same for County


State Same for State


Country Same for Country


Logbook Name QSO's you log use this name.  For example, if operating Field Day, you might use a log called FD 2012.


Sort Order QSO's are displayed in this order in the Logbook window.


Tweet Log When ON, each time you log a contact, a Tweet is sent to the CommCat Twitter account.  You can see the stream of Log Tweets at


Defaults Values used by default when you start CommCat Mobile.  The Favorite Frequency and Favorite Mode settings are used for the frequency memory (M) and the Tuner if you haven't selected a spot. Be sure to enter a Favorite Frequency to the nearest 100 Hz, i.e., 14025.0.