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QSXer controls your radio and WinKeyer without any additional software.  QSXer is also compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD). See QSXer Help for detailed information.


When used with HRD, QSXer reads and sets HRD's main and split frequencies, sets split (does not read split), reads s-meter levels, and controls PTT.  The following CommCat Mobile features are available using QSXer with HRD:


Set and read main frequency

Set and read split frequency

Set and read mode

Set split on/off

Control PTT

Display S-meter

Listen and transmit using 2 Skype accounts, or

Two-way audio VoIP with a subscription

Read HRD frequencies and modes.


CommCat Mobile functions that are not supported by HRD include:


CW keyboard and CW macros

Rotor control

Read split status

Custom radio control macros

DX Spot push notifications from HRD

DTMF tones.

Apple Watch.


Download QSXer from http://www.qsxer.com. QSXer is freeware. Follow the instructions in QSXer Help to connect QSXer to HRD.


QSXer works with HRD version 4 and later.