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The settings in VoIP provide a way to customize several VoIP features.


Background Enable CommCat VoIP continues to operate when CommCat Mobile is no longer the active app.  This is useful if you want to continue to listen to your radio while using another app.  Background Enable must also be set if you want to receive VoIP calls from CommCat when a spot appears that meets the criterion you have set up as a Condition in the DX Spot Manager.  Background Enable uses your device battery when CommCat is not active. Do not set Background Enable if you wish to preserve battery life. Background Enable must also be enabled for the Apple Watch CommCat app.


Allow Incoming Calls Disable this option to prevent incoming VoIP calls.


Mute Ringtone Silence the phone for incoming VoIP calls.


Mute Mic when listening This option keeps unwanted audio from being sent to CommCat.  When you tap PTT, the mic is unmuted.


RingTone Select the Ring Tone you wish to use for incoming VoIP calls.  The ring tone "Morse CL" sends the characters CL in Morse code.


Dedicated AUDIO Button CommCat VoIP uses the button as it is without any changes.  If you aren't using CommCat VoIP, the button starts Skype for 2-way audio. Enter the command with a Skype name or telephone number. !SKYPE:w6hnradio or !SKYPE:+17075551234. If you are using CommCat Live, or QSXer with CommCat VoIP,  and have enabled VoIP, tap the AUDIO button to start and end the connection.