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When you sign up for a free MyQSX account, your activity is shown on a QSXer Home Page.


CommCat QSXer is a freeware application that shows your current operating status on a world map and gives you a personal web site.


Your call, current frequency, mode, name, location, and a short note appear on the MyQSX Activity Map web site.


Show your operating status on the MyQSX Activity Map.

Works with CommCat, TRX Manager, Ham Radio Deluxe, Logic, and HAM-LOG.

Easy manual entry of frequency and mode if you are not using a program on the supported list.

Add a short note or greeting.

Create your own web site with personal info, bio, and an S-meter graph.

Visitors can send you e-mail through a form on your site that doesn't expose your e-mail address.

Hide QSXer in the System Tray.

Comprehensive online help provided.

VoIP through a CommCat VoIP subscription.


Download the free QSXer management program from http://qsxer.com.  Use your CommCat Mobile Registration Code to register QSXer.  With QSXer you can add and edit your biography and make other changes to your site.