CommCat VoIP

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CommCat VoIP


Once you have a CommCat Live account on MyQSX, contact CommCat support and ask that VoIP be enabled.  If you have subscribed to CommCat VoIP and are iusing QSXer, your account is set up automatically.


Here is a link to a video showing how to set up CommCat VoIP.


Receive audio can be provided using a cable connected from the headphone connector on your radio to the line input connector on your sound card.  If you are using an interface device, such as a SignaLink or a RigBlaster from West Mountain Radio, you can use that connection to provide receive audio.


Transmit audio to your mic can be supplied from your sound card through an isolation transformer, or by using one of the devices listed above.


A button is normally provided in the CommCat Mobile macro bank named AUDIO.  If you have enabled VoIP, tap the AUDIO button to connect to CommCat.  Tap it again to disconnect.


If you do not have a button named AUDIO, here is how to add it.


1. Create a new macro in CommCat Mobile settings and name it AUDIO.

2. In the Macro line, enter !SKYPE


If VoIP is detected, the AUDIO button makes the connection.  If VoIP is not detected, CommCat Mobile closes and Skype is opened, allowing you to make a call.  See the Macros topic in Settings for more information on using the Skype macro.


If you receive a message that the number you called is unavailable or busy, tap AUDIO and try again.


VoIP settings in CommCat are detailed in CommCat Help..