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Log Stats

Various statistics for your log are  computed in the Log Stats section of MyQSX Log.  The stats are found using any selected contacts.  If no contacts are selected, the entire logbook is used.


The statistics and graphs include:


Total QSO's analyzed

First contact details

Last contact details

Unique callsigns (count excludes callsign dupes)

Average time between contacts

QSO Mode pie chart

Digital Modes pie chart

Bands pie chart

DXCC QSL status pie chart

QSO Activity by year area chart




The QSO Activity graph includes a relative sun spot number plot so you can see how your activity varied with sun spots.  Keep in mind that the numbers shown for sun spots are relative and do not reflect the actual numbers.


Move the mouse pointer over the various sections of each graph to see details.


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Logbooks containing a large number of contacts can take several minutes to analyze.  Please be patient.  The stats functions have been tested using a log with over 80,000 contacts.